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Property Management

Why Do You Need A Property Manager?

Having a property manager will make everything hands off for the landlord and your income will be passive. There are also many more benefits to having a property manager such as no void periods, no tenant issues that you will have to deal with, long term agreement, one point of contact, no additional agency fees and the list goes on!

Guaranteed Rent

We guarantee you a fixed rental income each month which means you’ll no longer have to chase tenants for payments, no more late payments and no more missed rental payments altogether.

Even if there are void periods and your property isn’t fully tenanted, we still provide you with the fixed rental income each month.

Who Will Be Living In My Property?

We carefully source full-time working professional tenants and fully vet and reference each tenant in the first instance to ensure they are the right fit for the property and to also sure all the tenants within the property are like minded individuals.

Who Will Pay The Bills?

We will take full responsibility for paying all of the bills which are paid directly from our bank account. We find it is easier if we keep the bills in the landlords name and include this cost in the monthly rent we’ll pay to you, rather than switching all the names over to our company as it’s quicker and less hassle this way.

How Quickly Can You Take A Property On?

Once we have visited your property and we can see it fits within our criteria, we will make you a fair offer within 48 hours based on market conditions in your area. The price we agree will be the price we pay for the duration of the contract, regardless of what happens to the market.

I Know Other Landlords That May Require Your Service, Are You Able To Manage Their Property Aswell?

Yes, that’s not a problem. We are able to manage many properties at a time as long as it fits our criteria.

We will also pay you a referral bonus of £200 per property that we take on once the contracts have been signed.

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